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Kommu Kaya , a well known tribal move not know to a significant part of the world. It is a technique for celebration festivity containing a group of 20 individuals including women also, gentlemen .The instruments incorporate a drum estimate adding up to 1 meter long and 1 feet in distance across . The drum is comprised of cow hide. Bovine horns are decorated on the head by gentlemen and move subject delineates two bulls battling one another. The clothing standard shading subjects incorporate red, green which are the real hues and white,yellow being advantageous hues.Women put hen feathers alongside a fabric top on their head. Gentlemen likewise put peacock feathers on their head.

Rela' melody is a vital part of the Kommu-Koya move in which ladies move tuned in to rhythms invoked by men. The traditions have it that ladies in the age gathering of 16 to 45 just practice the 'Rela' while the veterans play the guides, granting preparing. What's more, the men in brilliant red garments with bull-horn head gears deal with the percussions


Cultural Coordinator John Milton

John Milton hold an important stand in spreading kommu koya to the world .He is also challenging in his field and has made distinctive approach to his line of work.

Team Captain

Ravva Citti Babu s/o Pantulu was the pioneer in spreading kommu koya to the masses. Chittibabu , son of Pantulu, now holds the reins of taking kommu koya more widely to the masses.

Kommu Koya

Kommu koya amusing , delightful, and inspire us with the talent in the dance. A unique touch to your events.Kommu koya, the subtle tribal dance near you

Komu koya dance

We are requesting event managers to incorporate this dance in events. Also requesting the masses to incorporate this event in their programs.

Kommu Koya

The uploaded videos are shot in mobile phone and quality is sub par with video camera.

Kommu Koya

he programs are much better to watch in real than shot in mobile phone.